Birthday – January 25, 1988

Home – Virginia

Stats  – 34D-25-35

Height -5 foot 5

Weight -136 pounds

Race – Latin


Aurora Jolie is a twenty four year old adult actress born on January 25, 1988. She is originally from Virginia and has Latin American roots. Aurora Jolie tips the scale at 136 pounds. She is five foot five (5’5) inches tall and stuns with her amazing vital statistics. She has a bra size of 34D, waist measure of twenty-five (25) inches and hips of thirty five (35) inches. Aurora Jolie has almost perfect proportions and nicely tanned skin. Because of the Latin descent, she has an exceptionally plump ass and curves right where they matter most.

Aurora Jolie in Comic Role Play

Aurora Jolie effectively distracts and seduces men at the golf course with her 100% naturally big tits. She is wearing light make-up with blue eye shadow, nice dangling earring and a bright green low-cut shirt that shows off her cleavage.

Aurora Jolie’s large natural tits come into focus very close to the camera. Her black bra is seen slightly peeking through her green shirt as her supple, tanned breasts seem to be screaming to break free from such tight constraints.

She finally takes off her green shirt and brassiere and gives her perky twins some room to breathe. Aurora Jolie’s 100% real breasts seem like a beauty to behold. Her breasts are large with light brown areola and erect nipples.

Aurora Jolie also shows off her other “assets”. She turns around and takes her denims down to expose her lacy black thong and her smooth and sizeable ass cheeks. She is simply a tempting sight with her hand covering one breast and back slightly turned away like that.

Finally, Aurora Jolie springs into some sexy action with a man and his large cock. It is now off with her clothes and riding a man. She shows off her cunt and big natural boobs as well as her flat stomach.

Aurora Jolie Big Naturals

From The Aurora Jolie Video Split End

1. Aurora Jolie exhibits her sporty side in her own sizzling way by wearing a red cut-off football uniform (showing the bottom of her breasts) paired with red panties. She holds a football with her right hand and poses to show of her ass.

The brown-haired babe gives a better view of her ass while her large natural tits are peeking from the bottom of her cut-off shirt. Aurora Jolie’s seductive lips are tinted bright red, giving extra oomph to that sexy naughty smile.

The rest of Aurora Jolie’s sporty/ sexy costume is seen as she bends down on the greens. She is wearing a pair of red boots with white laces and high heels. Her pout and expressive eyes make her simply irresistible!

Uh-oh, has Aurora Jolie committed a violation? The referee seems to be having some alone time with her. He is holding her ass-cheeks and his mouth is wide open as if ready to take a bite at them while she excitedly waits.

Aurora Jolie is finally out of her panties and squatting down. She holds the referees cock with her right hand while he stands with his hands on his hips. This sexy curvy babe seems more than ready to take him in!

From Aurora Jolie Appearance In Bootylicious

Aurora Jolie  In The Video Aurora From BangBros

Aurora Jolie comfortably is comfortably sitting on a white couch wearing her casual ensemble of jeans and shirt. She has her brown long-sleeved shirt hiked up with her hands to partially show her naturally abundant breasts and little navel piercing.

Aurora Jolie completely bares her nice pair of au naturale tits. They are big, plump and round. Her breasts have brown areolas and fully-erect nipples. It is no wonder that this girl’s big jugs are the talk of the town!

Aurora Jolie turns around and takes her denim pants down to show her very pretty and evenly-toned buttocks. Oh what a mouth-watering sight! That is one tight, round ass you’ve got there babe. Care for some nasty ass-fuck and spanking?

And she finally goes stark-naked! Aurora Jolie bares it all as she tempts all the men to bed with her. Look at her ready for some nice rowdy fun time. We can’t wait for those tits of yours to bounce, darling!

Aurora Jolie turns around once again. This time she stands much, much closer to show her ass and a little bit of her pussy lips. Looks like this hot Latina is going to get the fucking she’s been yearning for.

Aurora Jolie In  Bigtitsroundasses

From Video Ellie loves Aurora’s Big Ass

Aurora Jolie is beautifully clad in a gorgeous purple dress with a low neckline that shows off her
amazing cleavage. She is wearing a pair of nice sparkly heels as she opens the door for a visitor. Who
could it be?

Aurora Jolie’s friend Ellie came over for some girl time! Aurora Jolie shows her friend her new light blue bathroom and they end up showing each other more. Ellie takes her perky breasts out of her blue dress and Aurora does the same.

It looks like both ladies got turned on with that boob-action they did; they decided to go naughtier. Ellie squats down as Aurora turns around to have her friend caress her legs and tight ass. Both seem to be having fun judging by their faces.

Aurora Jolie bends over some more and shakes what her momma gave her. Beautiful brunette Ellie watches on as her curvy girlfriend raises her brown thong and lovely smooth and tanned ass cheeks in the air to show the off.

After the blue bathroom, the ladies proceed to have more action in the kitchen. Aurora Jolie is now wearing only a white top and Ellie is wearing a baby blue quarter-sleeved shirt. Both pretty girls have no underwear on and it looks like the fun has just begun.

 Aurora Jolie In AssParade

Aurora Jolie In  BangBros

Busty babe Aurora Jolie and her equally well-endowed friend Catalina Taylor got invited to a pool party. They came over and the fun started with these two friends getting their naturally large breasts fondled, squeezed, bitten, sucked and played with.

Aurora Jolie’s friend Catalina Taylor is the one with darker brown hair. Besides having great big tits, both ladies also have sexy asses. They both bend over to their hands and knees to proudly show their ample behinds. Uh-Mmmmm! Yum!

Catalina Taylor and Aurora Jolie go for a threesome with this lucky guy. The two busty girls have their mouths opens and their tongues out; ready to suck that dick like crazy. Who can do it better? Well, this lucky bastard is about to find out.

Both completely naked and eager, Aurora Jolie and Catalina Taylor get down on the floor and on their knees. Both girls stick their pink tongues out, waiting for the guy to cum and shoot his load on their pretty faces.

It looks like these girls are really excited for the guy to climax. Aurora Jolie manages a smile while she still has her tongue out while Catalina Taylor seemingly pouts in excitement. Who is ready for the cum fest, ladies?

Dick in a Box With Aurora Jolie and Catalina Taylor